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Russia will start supplying beef to Turkey in 2019


The head of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture Dmitry Patrushev said that the “supply of Russian beef to the Turkish markets will begin this year”, reports TASS.

He noted that Russia is actively conquering the Turkish market. Thus, in 2018th, the export of agricultural products to this country increased by 7% and reached $1.9 billion.

At the same time, Patrushev stressed that from the point of view of agricultural exports, Russia pays great attention to the middle East markets. He cited Iran as an example.

In 2018 the agricultural trade turnover between Russia and Iran has increased by half and amounted to about $1.2 billion. Russian exports increased by almost 45% due to the growth in the volume of supply of corn, sunflower oil, lamb and goat meat.

Source: Channel «Big Asia», TASS

The Russian meat industry in 2018 became the production leader in the field of agriculture



According to Rosstat, meat production (excluding poultry meat) was 2.7 million tons, which is 12.4% more than in 2017th. Poultry production fell by 0.5%, to 4.8 million tons.

Production of meat and meat-containing semi-finished products increased by 7.2% to 3.3 million tons, sausage products by 1%, to 2.3 million tons, canned meat decreased by 5.8%, to 605 million standard cans.

Rosstat also reported that the production of processed and canned fish amounted to 4.2 million tons, which is 0.1% less than a year earlier, sunflower oil  4.5 million tons (2.8% less), margarine  486 thousand tons (9% less).

Growth was recorded in the production of milk (with the exception of raw) 5.5 million tons (3.6% more) and cheeses (473 thousand tons, 2.4% more). The production of butter decreased by 4.7%, to 258 thousand tons. Crops production decreased by 1.6% to 1.5 million tons, bakery products of non-durable storage by 2.3%, to 5.8 million tons, pasta by 2.7%, to 1.4 million tons.

The bakery industry increased production by 3.7%, to 3.9 million tons.

Bottled mineral water (without sugar and sweeteners) increased by 11.2% to 13.3 billion bottles (0.5 liters).

The brewing industry produced 775 million dL of beer (except for brewing waste), which is 2.4% more than in 2017. Tobacco companies increased cigarette production by 4.3%, to 257 billion units.

Source: Interfax

The profit growth in swine industry will be a record in 2018



In 2018, Russian companies of the swine sector will show a record increase in sales profits from at least 2015th, according to the calculations of Deloitte. The analysis is based on accounting reports of almost 23 thousand companies in the agro-industrial complex with annual revenues of more than 1 million rubles. According to analysts, by the end of the year, the operating income of pork producers will increase by almost 80%, to 121.1 billion rubles. The segment’s operating profit will increase from 18% to 29%. For comparison: the operating profit of poultry companies in 2018 will decrease by 1% to 39 billion rubles, the operating margin from 7% to 6%, according to Deloitte.

From January to November, the agricultural organizations of the Russian Federation produced 3.68 million tons of swine for slaughter (live weight). This is 9.3% or 313.9 thousand tons more than last year’s figure for 11 months.

Source: FSBI Specialized accounting center in the agricultural sector; Meat expert

Russia increased production of livestock and poultry (in live weight) by 3.7%



In January-August of 2018th, the production for slaughter (live weight) of livestock and poultry in farms of all categories of Russia amounted to 9 million tons and increased by 3.7% compared to the same period in 2017th.

In agricultural organizations, livestock and poultry production amounted to 7,378.4 thousand tons, which is 5.2% higher than the same period in 2017th.

Cattle production in January-August 2018th (according to Rosstat) — 626.1 thousand tons (+ 7.3% compared to the same period of 2017th).

Swine production in January-August 2018th (according to Rosstat) — 2 647,6 thousand tons (+10,5% compared to the same period of 2017th).

Poultry production in January-August 2018th (according to Rosstat) —4 081,3 thousand tons (+1.8% compared to the same period of 2017th).


Russia plans to double the export of agricultural products by 2024



In the Government of Russian Federation meeting was held last week on the expenditures of the federal budget in the field of agro-industrial and fisheries complexes, ecology and nature management for 2019th, and planning period of 2020th-2021th.

In his introductory speech, Prime-Minister Dmitry Medvedev focused on a number of issues related to the financing of the agro-industrial complex, fisheries, environmental management, and ecology.

He particularly noted that «the expansion of export opportunities is a good indicator of the agro-industrial development. It reflects the growth of both production volumes and product quality that complies with international standards. Therefore, the new task for agricultural development is formulated in the presidential decree «On national goals and strategic tasks of the development of RF for the period until 2024″. Through the increase in the export of agricultural products, its volume is to be brought up to 45 billion dollars by 2024. This is the double increase in the volume of our exports in the value».


Source: veterinary.rf