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Russia is actively increases meat exports

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According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the export of poultry meat in the last decade of April 2018th increased by 1.4 times — from 31.5 thousand tons in the same period in 2017th to 43 thousand tons, swine -1.4 times from 16,6 thousand tons to 23.7 thousand tons, beef — 1.5 times from 0.4 thousand tons to 0.6 thousand tons. Over the past five years, trade in meat products of all kinds has grown 3.4 times — from 65.8 thousand tons to $ 86.8 million in 2013th to 229 thousand tons $ 307 million in last year.

According to Andrei Dalnov, the head of the strategic marketing department of the Cherkizovo group (the largest meat producer according to the rating of Agroinvestor by the end of 2016th), the development of exports of swine and chicken sub-products and broiler meat is most promising for the Russian companies. By-products are especially in demand in the Far East «provided that importers meet the quality requirements, trade in this direction can be significantly increased,» he commented to «Agroinvestor». — Last year, the export of by-products, according to the FCS, increased by 38% to 56 thousand tons. Domestic broiler meat is in demand in the CIS countries. These are the markets that are pretty close to Russia in terms of their dynamics and consumer preferences with all the pros and cons of our producers, Dalnov says.

According to FSSS, in the first three months of this year, Russia produced 2.7 million tons of livestock and poultry meat, which is 7% more than in January-March 2017th. That including 231.3 thousand tons of beef, 960.1 thousand tons of swine, 1.5 million tons of poultry meat.

On May 7th President Vladimir Putin on May 7th signed a decree on «National goals and strategic tasks of the development of the Russian Federation until 2024» after the inauguration ceremony. It lists national goals, the achievement of which the government must ensure until 2024th. One of them concerns the export of agricultural products and foodstuffs, which in the next six years should reach   $ 45 billion.

According to the previously prepared draft of agroexport development, by 2025th the volume of export of agricultural products was to reach $ 30 billion.


Source: Agroinvestor

Russia will become one of the leaders of the global market of Agroindustrial complex

Revenues from exports of agricultural products by one third exceeded revenues from the arms exports. In the coming years, Russia will become one of the leaders of the global agro-industrial market. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at the plenary session of the All-Russian Forum of Agricultural Producers on March 12th.

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The head of state stressed that in recent years the situation in the Russian agricultural business sector has changed dramatically: the industry has become one of the drivers of the growth of the entire Russian economy.

President noted that «the volume of agricultural production in Russia has been growing for five consecutive years, beginning in 2013th. At the same time, the volume of livestock products is growing for 13 consecutive years! This growth has been observed since 2005, and not only in the conditions of covering our markets for your competitors in connection with certain events».

He stressed that since 2000nd  «the output of agricultural products has almost doubled, the production of crop, sugar beet, livestock, and  poultry increased, and the production of food products doubled. According to the updated data, last year’s harvest — 135.4 million tons — is an amazing result. »

The president also drew attention by remembering» By the end of 2000, I remember how I was happy that we basically have enough to close our needs,» the president drew attention.

Vladimir Putin also set the task to improve the quality of Russian products, to increase the competitiveness of domestic enterprises.
«Our agricultural enterprises are able to solve such problems. Compared to the 2000th, the export of agricultural products and food products grew by 16 times — it’s just amazing, «Vladimir Putin said, adding that today the revenues from the export of agricultural products are one-third higher than the proceeds from arms exports: 28.8 billion against 15, 6 billion

President concluded by noting that «even 20 years ago our country actively bought grain abroad, today – we occupy the first place of the largest exporter of wheat. The second place is for crop supplies in general. The export of sugar, swine, and poultry is increasing. In the coming years, Russia will become one of the leaders of the global agro-industrial market. In four years, we plan to supply more to foreign markets than we import, «the president said.

Source: Regnum

Number of countries buying Russian poultry meat has tripled



The number of countries purchasing Russian poultry in 2017th has increased to 24, up to three times compared to 2016. IA Finmarket gives data from FSVPS.

Russia supplies ready-made meat products to 35 countries (in 2016th — to 23 countries). The number of countries-buyers of fish products increased from 46 to 51. Russian dairy products were imported to 19 countries (in 2016th the number was- 12).

It is noted that the volume of exports of Russian meat products in 2017th increased by 70% and exceeded the 247.2 thousand tons

Source: IA Finmarket

Cuba gives «green light» to Russian poultry and meat


A wrap-up meeting of the representatives of the FSVPS and Directorate of Animal Health of the MINAG of the Republic of Cuba dedicated to the completion of the inspection of the Russian enterprises producing animal products interested in export to the territory of the Republic.

According to preliminary information, reported by the correspondent of the IA «Kazakh-Grain», all Russian companies that have been checked for the supply will receive the «green light».

Over two weeks, the Cuban delegation visited enterprises for the production of beef, swine, poultry and meat products, as well as vegetable feed located in the Stavropol Territory, Kaliningrad, Bryansk, Novgorod and Penza regions. Also, Cuban specialists got acquainted with the activities of the research institutes the Federal Center for Animal Health and the All-Russian State Center for the Quality and Standardization of Medicines for Animals and Feeds subordinate to the FSVPS.

Cuban experts positively evaluated the Russian system for controlling the safety and quality of livestock products, noted the technological equipment of state and industrial laboratories, emphasized the openness of the supervisory services and their assistance in providing the complete information requested by the Cuban side

Representatives of the Directorate for Animal Health said that in the near future they will begin finalization and approval of veterinary certificates, by which Russian products can be delivered to Cuba.

The FSVPS also stressed that they hope for the fast establishment of stable export supplies of Russian products to Cuba and are ready to render all possible assistance to this process.

Source: Kazakh-Grain

Russia increased halal meat exports almost thrice



In 2017th the export of halal meat from Russia amounted to 45 thousand tons, which is three times more than in 2014th – which had 15 thousand tons. In general, Russia exports about 125 thousand tons of meat per year, which means that Halal currently has less than 30% of all exports.

European analysts only voiced the forecast figures of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia on the possibility to increase the export of poultry to 370 thousand tons by 2020th and earn $ 400 million from sales.

«Around 75 to 80% of poultry, which Russia plans to export by 2020th, will be sold as halal. To this end, we are launching the largest foreign campaign in the states’ history to promote Russian poultry in Muslim markets, which meets the highest standards of halal, «the European media quoted Aidar Gazizov, general director of the International Center for Normalization and Certification Halal.

The largest Russian exporters are the GAC “Resource” and “Eurodon”. Recently, they were able to export poultry to the markets of Saudi Arabia and Iran. Now, officials are making efforts to expand exports to countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia. These are very dynamically developing markets in the context of Halal exports since almost 230 million Muslims live there, who are consumers of Russian products.


Source: Agroinvestor

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