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About company

Over the past few years, the Russian pharmaceutical market has been characterized by the active changes in the processes, including the field of pharmaceutical distribution. The positions of the largest wholesale companies are strengthening and join distribution networks are formed and the intra-sectoral integration processes gain strength. All this leads to a gradual reduction of the total number of the wholesale companies.

The right of the company for pharmaceutical activity in the field of medicine is confirmed by the federal license issued by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, in the field of the veterinary – by the federal license issued by the Federal Veterinary and Phytosanitary Monitoring Service (FSVPS).

The company has a modern warehouse complex in the area of about 800 sq.m. in the north-eastern district of Moscow. The company pays great attention to the quality of the products and has created all the necessary conditions for proper storage of medical products. Strict control ensures high-quality medications that meet all the requirements of the Ministry of Health regulations and FSVPS.

Instant order processing, individual service, an offer of the most convenient forms of cooperation, constant availability of the full range of product offered and its own transportation shows a thoughtful and competent attitude of the MedoproVet team to their business and allows to respond quickly to the most urgent and challenging client requests.

MedoproVet Company’s management has over twenty years’ experience in the implementation of high-quality medicines of the western European and Asian production to the Russian pharmaceutical market in the field of medicine and veterinary products. Company recognizes the expertise and professionalism, and has invited highly skilled specialists with higher education. The majority of employees in sales and promotion departments have a degree. The basis of the team consists of the experienced managers who managed to establish strong partnerships with clients in all major regions of the Russian Federation.

The most important company direction is veterinary. MedoproVet represents medical products for livestock, poultry from the leading European (Austria, Italy, Spain), Asian (India, China), and South American (Argentina) producers.

Medoprovet offers its partners:

  • Establishment of the Distribution System

Close cooperation with more than 300 customers throughout Russia, including national distributors, ensures the continued availability of medical products to medical and preventive treatment facilities, as well as veterinary products for agricultural sectors in all regions. Clear coordination of payment and delivery of goods on time, financial analysis of the client and the diversification of risk between a manufacturer and a supplier provide a long-term partnership.

  • Logistics Services

Customs clearance, inventory management, and cargo delivery to the Russian regions.

  • Marketing Research and Business Consulting

With the help of the market specialists and analysts, companies can easily navigate in a variety of nuances of the pharmaceutical market products for people and animals (veterinary medicine). Today there is no doubt about the viability of marketing research for launching a new product. If necessary, a business plan can be developed, a specific market segment analyzed, competitive activity monitored or evaluated the effectiveness of the advertising company.

  • The Promotional Support in the Regions

The competence of the MedoproVet employees include, among other things; organizing the work of regional representatives, monitoring clinical trials of medicinal products for humans and animals, establishing contacts with opinion leaders in the field of medicine, public health and veterinary medicine, both at regionally and Federal level.

  • Registration and Certification Services

High staff qualification allows the company to promptly prepare a full package of certification and registration documents for medicinal products for human and animal (veterinary), and medical devices in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

MedoproVet is looking to cooperate with manufacturers of the pharmaceutical and veterinary products.

We are open to new contacts.

Our mission is a good cooperation based on trust and reliable partnership.