Russia reduced meat imports by increasing the volume of its own production

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In the first half of the year, meat imports to Russia decreased by 1.7 times (excluding the countries of the EEU), compared to the same period in 2017, to 203.5 thousand tons, according to the FCS. Most significantly — swine imports decreased by 4.1 times (including back fat and sub products), amounting to 36.3 thousand tons against 147.7 thousand tons in January-June of last year. In terms of supplies from abroad, swine approached the poultry meat, the import of which was at the level of 32.8 thousand tons. A year ago, purchases amounted to 52.6 thousand tons. The import of beef decreased from 152.6 thousand tons to 134.4 tons In view of trade with the EEU countries, imports were at the level of 322.5 thousand tons against 433.2 thousand tons a year earlier, the National Union of Pig breeders (NSS) estimates..

«It is obvious that by the end of the year the volume of meat imports will be significantly lower than 1 million tons, which was in the last two or three years»,- says Yury Kovalev, CEO of the NSS. However, according to him, swine imports will always be present in the country with an open economy built into the global markets at consumption level of 5-10%. «No country with a developed sector of the agro-industrial complex wants to completely get rid of food imports. The main goal is a large number of exports with a positive balance (Brazil, Canada), or at least with zero balance (US and EU), he explains. «I think that even here Russia has an ambitious but realistic goal — to enter the top-10 world exporters of the agro-industrial complex, having at least zero foreign trade balance.»

At the same time, by July 8 the export of meat from Russia was by 29.4% higher than a year earlier (excluding the EEU countries) — about 107.3 thousand tons. In shipments, the poultry predominated, which amounted to 68.2 thousand tons (+ 31.8% of the same date as 2017). Sales of swine abroad increased by 24.5% to 36.5 thousand tones and beef from 1.8 thousand tones to 2.6 thousand tones. The NSS estimates the volume of external sales taking into account the EEU at 149.1 thousand tones compared to 104.5 thousand tons in the first half of 2017.

This dynamic is the result of the continued growth of domestic production. According to Rosstat, for six months the production of livestock and poultry for slaughter increased by 4.2% to almost 6.8 million tones in live weight. The main driver is still swine production, which added a total of 8.2% to 2.2 million tons. Agricultural organizations increased the production of swine for slaughter by 10.5% to 1.97 million tons. Poultry increased 2.8% to 3, 26 million tons, production of cattle — by 2.4% to almost 1.1 million tons.

As earlier wrote the «Agroinvestor», according to the forecast of the National Union of Swine breeders, this year the production of swine in agricultural organizations will add almost 200 thousand tons in slaughter weight to 3.15, and on the whole the volume of all farms will reach 3.7 million tons. Further development the industry will mainly be provided by companies that are members of the top 20 market leaders, who continue to expand production.

Source: Agroinvestor